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Toronto Accounting Firm

FShad CPA accounting firm strives to make every client feel at ease when it comes to their business. We have one goal and it’s to make you reach your business goals using our accounting & bookkeeping services. Our professional accounting firm is committed to provide you with the best service in Toronto & GTA. Our services include; advisory services, tax planning, corporate taxes, personal taxes, estate planning, bookkeeping and more!

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Professional Accounting Firm Services

Our qualified CPA are here to help with your accounting needs whether you need professional personalized touch with financial reporting & financial statements, accounting, assurance or simply just with personal finances.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our chartered professional accountants at FShad CPA accounting firm accurately and frequently provide you with the most up-to-date financial records. Our chartered professional accountants provide a reliable personalized bookkeeping and accounting services so you can focus more your business.

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Reduce your tax liabilities and maximize your returns with the help of our professional accounting firm. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and to provide a personalized service with personal tax and/or business related taxes. Our accounting firm understands that many personal taxes and business taxes intertwined which is why our accountants provide personal integration of both to help drive any efficiencies.

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FShad CPA accounting firm provides you with the resources and know-how to take your business forward. We will help you to overcome any business challenge or hit your next financial growth milestone, our business advisory services help small business owners and small businesses all over Ontario.

Our Accounting Firm Is Here To Assist

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Comprehensive Bookkeeping

We know that businesses vary in the way they function and how they recognize income, expenses. This is why we are lucky to have a Chartered Professional Accountant on our team who can advise us accordingly for every client’s benefit.

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Help with Filing Taxes

Our Chartered Professional Accountant is a major asset to our company. We know that businesses vary with how they recognize income and expenses, so we have someone who can provide knowledgeable advice about all things related to this area of business accounting.

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Assistance with Business Decisions

At FShad CPA, we don’t just provide a service. We are committed to you and your financial future so that together we can make the best decisions for your needs at particular times. Stay assured that you can share any decision you want to make and our team will be there to help you choose.

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Goal Setting

You’re the captain of your own ship. Let us be there with you to help map out a route and keep an eye on how close you are coming towards reaching it! We offer goal-setting services to enable businesses to reach their financial “destination.”

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Accounting mission vision

Full Service Accounting Firm

Why You Should Hire a CPA For Your Business?

Frees Up Valuable Time: Stop wasting time on tedious and boring bookkeeping tasks, use those precious hours to generate sales and grow your business.

Bookkeeping Is Not Easy: bookkeeping is often seen as a tedious task – one that requires time and effort to learn. One software company, in particular, has been marketing their product with slogans like “It only takes an hour!” while it really does take years for some people just getting started out.

Helps To Run The Business: A good bookkeeper can help you manage your business better. They prepare financial reports, which is the backbone of any well-run company and they are responsible for teaching their clients how to read them in order to make smart decisions that will improve their bottom line.

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Industries We Serve

Some of our industries FShad CPA accounting firm helped and still helping.

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Food and Beverage

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Music & Production

More Industries

Knowledge Center

News & Tips about the latest trends in the accounting world.